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Our agency

If you intend to join a trek or mountain expedition in Nepal or Bhutan, Central Himalaya Treks & Expedition Nepal, is able to offer you additional adventures for mountain lovers, from around the world.

There are several excellent trek agencies offering attractive and unique treks in Nepal, but we believe that adventure experiences can benefit the improvement of your life only provided you are fully satisfied with the service.

Several trekking and mountaineering destinations are possible for different types of travelers but the quality of the services varies according to the agencies and you will have to make sure that you ask the right questions before deciding which is the best route for you. Remember that an attractive website and good marketing of the offer does not necessarily mean that the trip will meet exactly your expectations or will bring you the experience you expect.

 Since 1996, we have been working in this field with a lot of experience and professionalism for treks and mountaineering in Nepal and in 2011 we created the agency "Central Himalaya Treks & Expedition Nepal" in order to offer you Better quality service and improved adventure services for trekking, mountaineering and cultural tours in Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan.

Moreover, human values ??are extremely important for our agency and therefore our aim is to improve the life of local people in the area where we organize the trek and allow them to enjoy tourism and allow them to be more autonomous, educated and in good health.

For this we benefit from the help of our field teams and our clients: a certain amount of the budget of your trip will greatly benefit the development of the village and will make an important contribution to the improvement of their standard of living.

 And of course we are able to offer you the best value for money, all the great classics of treks in Nepal in the Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Kanchenjunga, Dolpo and Mustang regions but also in more remote destinations .

In addition to the traditional trekking and mountaineering destinations we develop other circuits where we value the human and cultural adventure in less tourist destinations that will allow you to make real encounters with the local populations and their rich traditions such as Tharus, Rana Tharus, Gurungs, Tamangs.

We can also assist you with professionalism and maximum safety in climbing expeditions. We can also offer cultural visits to the mentioned destinations. Finally, our specialty is to be able to offer you tailor-made itineraries that will allow you to fully enjoy your holidays.

Central himalaya Pvt.Ltd  -  P.O.Box:10868 Thamel  -   Kathmandu  -  Nepal - Tel : 977 1 4438908

email: info@centralhimalayanepal.com ou ghmrpradip@gmail.com