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Our greats points

What are the benefits of going through Central Himalaya Treks & Shipping compared to searching the Internet? The Internet is a powerful tool. It can optimize the scope of a consumer's research and allow a person to check hundreds of options on different destinations in-depth.

But to make the Internet really effective, the client needs to understand where to look and what questions to ask, otherwise you can waste your time surfing the web by producing unsatisfactory results. This is where a travel agent can make a big difference in the quality of the results.

Central Himalaya Treks & Expedition is organized to guide a client and optimize the planning of their trip, whether for business or leisure. We have specific ongoing training to stay or become specialists in certain destinations.

We will join professional associations such as NATA. TAAN, NMA, to ensure the travel experience of each of our customers will be personalized according to its wishes, to be an experience as memorable as possible. When planning a business trip or family vacation, the Internet can be a valuable resource, but it can not replace the expertise and advice of a travel agent.

So, if a problem happens while traveling, the Internet can not replace a human being who will manage to help his client. Central Himalaya Treks & Expedition, besides this security, can also offer a myriad of intermediate options.

Booking hotels If you decide to come to us, it would be useful to know the places of your stay during your trip to Nepal. So our Central Himalaya Treks & Expedition Nepal Agency will help you find a suitable place to stay. For more details please contact us.

Our ratesThe rates are on request because they depend on the number of participants, the number of carriers, the type of accommodation, your particular wishes and also the chosen optional transport, domestic bus. It is customary to offer your guide and porters a correct tip at the end of the trek. Provision per day of 2 to 3 euros for the bearer, 3 to 4 euros for the sherpa and the cook and for the guide it is at your entire discretion.

Make your request as accurate as possible and Central Himalaya will make you a fair price.

Central himalaya Pvt.Ltd  -  P.O.Box:10868 Thamel  -   Kathmandu  -  Nepal - Tel : 977 1 4438908

email: info@centralhimalayanepal.com ou ghmrpradip@gmail.com