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Trekking level

The level of difficulty of our hikes is symbolized by one to five hikers. To rank our nostreks, we took the following factors into account.

• The total duration of the hike
• The length of stay at high altitude (3000 m)
• The maximum difference in altitude per day
• The state of the terrain • The average duration of the daily steps
• The night temperatures .

Nevertheless, we draw the attention of our hikers to the fact that the level of difficulty of a trek is very subjective. The weather, your physical condition, possible health problems during the trek and other factors can have a significant influence on how you enjoy a hike.

Level 1 - Moderate :

These treks are not of great difficulty. Maximum 6-7 h of walk and below 4000 meters. Any person reasonably fit should be able to handle this effort. This level is applicable for 7-16 days of walk.

Level 2: Moderate + :

These treks are a little harder without being insurmountable. The altitude is below 5000 meters and the duration of these hikes is 12 to 19 days. Any reasonably active and athletic person should be able to manage these efforts.

Level 3 - Sport :

We consider this level, the level of hardest trek available in Nepal, but these treks are within the reach of most people. However, you must be very fit for this kind of travel. Those who suffer from asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease or a complex medical condition affected by intense exercise can not participate. These trips are above 5000 meters and for the duration of 20 days and more.

Level 4 - Sports + :

Extremely demanding, these treks take place in very remote areas and on rough terrain. Maximum altitude: Mount Mera at 6461 m. Participants must have at least a basic knowledge of the use of crampons and ice axes, although novice climbers may be accepted on some of the so-called "easy peaks". Medical certificates are required prior to participant acceptance on all Hiking with climbing.